About Spring & Youth

The Spring and Youth formed throughout the years by slowly morphing through different stages of becoming a band, by gathering members and inventing a name. There is no official date of the forming, nor year. There aren’t any exact forms on that matter.

If you want to know the first time the band introduced the name “Spring and Youth” to the world was august of 2008. when the first demo was recorded, far, far away, in Železnik, by our dear friend Uroš Andrijašević, who crafted our first four songs. At the time when the band desperately needed a name, and current name was picked as the best one they could think of.

You could say that it was formed in 2011. when the final lineup was gathered, when Ivan Vasić took his five string bass into his arms, and showed the rest how it is done properly.
Or perhaps even in 2007. when Darko Varga put the keys in his hands, unlocked the sound of classical piano, and opened the door to a whole new level of music, escaping the claws of the ordinary, boring progressive,
to which Darko Đurić introduced to others, when he came to Belgrade and fell in love with the others in late 2004, when the first songs started growing. Darko is a drummer, btw. A beautiful drummer.
If you really go far into the past, you could say the beginning was in 2002, when the first “Filip i Marko” was recorded, when Filip Mladenović and Marko Stojanović, two little guitar players from Paraćin decided to create a metal band, but they didn’t really know how, so instead they finally made a band like this Spring and Youth thing we talk about.
In 2007, when Marko saw Darko’s piano, he decided that the guitar wasn’t his thing, so he filled his lungs with fresh air, and sang a song of his people.

Some people like to say that the forming year was the year Spring and Youth came out of the closet, and started doing live shows in 2009. after long years of rehearsing.
Year not mentioned here is the year 2012. when Spring and Youth recorded their first album, called “Between the Irony” in Digimedia recording studios in Belgrade. It contains eight songs, altogether 45 minutes of pure pleasure. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Goran Crevar.

In the following years there might be another year of becoming a band, but that is yet to see.

Spring and Youth are:
Marko Stojanović is The Vocal
Filip Mladenović on The Guitar
Darko Đurić behind The Drums
Darko Varga at The Piano
Ivan Vasić with The Bass